Art Wheels for Auction

When the studio I worked for, Spye, moved to and remodeled a building in the Seward neighborhood, I proposed a vision to introduce ourselves to the community by inviting them into our studio showroom with a bigger purpose in mind.


Spye, a resource of Integrated Design for the architectural, design and technology communities, landed in a location off the Greenway Bike Corridor with Hollywood Cycles sharing real estate and an overall cycling culture among us, it was a great fit to use the HED racing wheel to spin off of.  I did the initial call for artists and it took off with great enthusiasm! The benefit event became an annual event that artists and patrons alike continue to look forward to. Spinning pieces of art created by local and national artist-incorporating the carbon fiber HED 3 racing wheel is the medium for the silent auction that brings in generous locals for a competitive bidding art opening that benefits local non-profits, partnerships with larger establishments who help families fighting cancer and even those individuals directly.

Year number 3 I created my own piece shown here in its color blending spin to contribute just months before my own diagnosis and battle with cancer began. I continue to spin!